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CR Closure for Small Containers

small overcap CR

Illustration caption: 1) Rotate cap to align marks. 2) Push cap down. 3) Rotate cap counter-clockwise to stop. 4) Lift up to remove overcap.

This child-resistant closure is designed for smaller containers that dispense products such as eyedrops or nasal sprays. To dispense the product the consumer aligns the indicia on the cap, pushes down, and then rotates the cap to a stop. The cap can then be removed and the product is ready to be dispensed. After use, the cap snaps back on in any position.

This child-resistant closure is easily integrated into line production and is well-suited for products containing imadazolines. It can be customized for use on either eye drops or squeeze bottle nasal products.

The CR Closure for Small Containers is available for licensing or contract manufacture. Please contact DeJonge Associates with any inquiries.