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2019 News

  • Ergonomics and Compliance: This article looks at package compliance considerations such as design and labeling, from the patient's point of view.

2018 News

  • Double Safe is our New CR Closure Design: Some products are extremely toxic. Other products may be very attractive to children. In these cases a standard Child Resistant (CR) closure may not be sufficient. This is why we created Double Safe.

2017 News

  • Packaging Trends for 2018: This article sourced from 99designs discusses colors, shapes and graphic design trends for packaging design in 2018.

2016 News

  • Packaging is more important then ever to consumers. A new study of U.S. consumers shows that packaging is very or extremely important to their satisfaction with products. Meanwhile, the relative importance of other factors such as product quality, price, convenience, and brand have stayed constant or declined over the same period.
  • The FDA is warning about eye drop bottles that have loose plastic safety seals or tamper-evident rings below the bottle cap that may fall onto the eye when the product is used.

2015 News

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging Market Continues to Grow: World demand for pharmaceutical packaging is expected to increase 6.5 percent annually to over $101 billion in 2019. The increased demand for pharmaceutical packaging will be spread among developed economies with additional growth among developing economies in Asia, Africa and South America.

  • Quality, then Cost: "The economy is straining packaging budgets, but packaging engineers report that maintaining quality is still more important than cost cutting," reports Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging News.

  • The FDA has issued new guidelines for the development and labeling of abuse-deterrent opioid drugs. The guidelines describe how studies should be performed and evaluated, and what labeling claims may be approved.

  • What technologies will transform pharmaceutical packaging over the next five years? 3D printing, cloud computing and the Internet of Things are predicted to have the greatest potential to transform packaging as we know it. This link shows one example of packaging that is already utilizing an internet connection for HIV/AIDS medication adherence.

2014 News

  • New regulations in the UK and Europe will require child-resistant packaging for any products which present an aspiration hazard from fumes, or those that can cause skin or eye damage if splashed, or are toxic if swallowed, including products such as soluble dishwasher tabs.
  • This article from makes a claim we'd agree with: "Increasingly, the answer to the question of what makes a pharmaceutical product safe is, 'Its packaging'.”

2013 News

  • More on prescription compliance: The link below leads to an article that discusses prescription non-compliance in human terms, specifically in regard to deaths and hospital re-admission, and the financial impact on patients and programs like Medicare. Most interesting are some of the novel ideas on packaging and increasing prescription adherence.
  • Samples of our precision metered dose liquid dispenser are now available. This patented design allows only a metered amount of liquid to flow from a dispensing container, but permits varying amounts when measured to lines on the filling chamber. A key aspect of this design is that liquid can be precisely dispensed in any orientation, from horizontal to completely inverted.
    Please email us at with your name and postal address to request a sample.

  • Patient-focused innovations in pharmaceutical packaging will be the theme at the 2013 Pharmapack Europe trade show.

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