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Combination Cap and Adjustable Spoon for Containers

bottle lid with integrated spoon

Illustration caption: 1) Remove integrated spoon from cap to expose pour spout. 2) Use spoon for measuring. 3) Pour product into mixing container.

The combination cap and adjustable spoon provides a closure for a container with an integrated spoon for the measurement and pouring of powders and granulated products. The combination cap and adjustable spoon differentiates a product by improving ease-of-use and dispensing accuracy, especially for products that require a specific measure for mixture strength. The system keeps the spoon separate from the food or pharmaceutical product inside the container and decreases risk of contamination.

The container cap closure has a dispensing orifice located on the top with an attachment mechanism adapted to receive the spoon-lid part and to close the dispensing orifice. The spoon-lid has a scoop section on one end, and a handle at the other end. The spoon-lid can be reinserted into the cap to cover and seal the dispensing orifice after use.

A variation of the same system can be produced with an adjustable spoon, which is useful for products requiring different amounts of product for different mixture strengths.

The combination cap and adjustable spoon is available for licensing or contract manufacture.

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