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Adjustable Precision Metered Liquid Dispenser

eye drop bottle

Illustration caption: 1) Remove overcap to expose integrated dosage chamber. 2) Squeeze bottle to fill chamber to required dose. 3) Squeeze bottle again to dispense metered volume of product.

This adjustable metered liquid dispenser has a nonflexible trap chamber set for a predetermined volume and a one-way valve system. This system permits only a metered amount of liquid to flow from the container, and allows various amounts when measured to the lines on the chamber.

A key aspect of this design is that the liquid can be dispensed in any orientation, from horizontal to completely inverted, while maintaining a controlled amount of liquid. This makes the dispenser especially useful for delivering accurate doses of infant or children's medications, or other liquids where precise measuring is required.

View the full patent for the metered liquid sqeeze dispenser.

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