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CR Reversing Cap Actuator for Pumps/Sprays

overcap CR pump spray

Illustration caption: 1) Small bottle with pump is housed in outer container. 2) Top cap is removed and placed into bottom of outer container. 3). Cap now serves as actuator, pressing bottle up within container.

This unique child-resistant package encloses a pump or spray bottle and relies on intelligence rather than strength to dispense the product. To use, the consumer removes the cap, inverts it, and slides it on to the bottom of the container. This action pushes the inner pump or aerosol sprayer upward and the cap now becomes the actuator for the pump or aerosol valve. Pushing the cap up actuates the pump or activates the aerosol valve dispensing the product. After use, the cap is removed from the bottom of the outer container, the spray unit drops down inside, and the cap is placed back on top.

The CR Reversing Cap Actuator is available for licensing or contract manufacture. Please contact DeJonge Associates with any inquiries.