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September 24, 2019
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DeJonge Associates Announces New Locked, Controlled, Timed-Dose Tablet Dispenser to Combat Prescription Opioid Addiction

DeJonge Associates has developed a locked, controlled, timed-dose tablet dispenser that makes prescription drugs available in a timely manner that closely follows the doctor’s orders. 

This dispenser is designed to reduce addiction to prescription opioids. It is not, however, designed for people who are already addicted to opioids. It is designed for patients with legitimate pain-relief needs requiring prescription opioids or other controlled medications, such as methadone.

Many people suffering from prescription drug addiction have become addicted due to careless mis-dosing or overuse of the prescribed medication. This dispenser design—available at the pharmacy with a deposit—controls the availability of medication and reduces potential for overuse. The locked dispenser will release only a single dose at a time interval specified by the physician. The design is also child resistant.

The design includes a simple but secure computer interface. The pharmacist connects to the dispenser via USB or wireless connection. By entering a code, the pharmacist sets the unit to dispense at specific time intervals. Only the pharmacist can access the tablet cartridge for filling by using the code and a computer connection. While using the computer connection, the pharmacist can also view data about the how the unit was used, including when each pill was taken, if a dose was skipped, and the remaining battery life of the unit. 

After all tablets have been used as prescribed, the patient returns the unit to the pharmacist to receive a refill; if there are no refills left on the prescription the deposit is refunded. If the unit is damaged or otherwise tampered with, the patient forfeits the deposit, the prescription is not refilled, and the physician is notified.

The dispenser can be customized for a variety of pharmaceutical industry needs. The design is patent-pending and available for licensing, contract production or custom development. 

The Locked, Controlled, Timed-Dose Tablet Dispenser by DeJonge Associates is designed as an asset for physicians, pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers to help protect patients from accidental opioid addiction and improve overall outcomes.

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