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Desiccant Basket for Medication Containers

desiccant basket for containers

Illustration caption: 1) Dessicant basket allows for foil seal. 2) Dessicant and basket are easily removed. 3) Dessicant basket is discarded after use.

The desiccant basket is inserted into a container that holds medication such as tablets, pills or powders, to keep the desiccant material separated from the medication. The basket makes for easy removal or replacement of desiccant materials, and is especially effective for powdered reconstituted products where without this innovation desiccants could not be used.

The basket has a continuous loop top that is partially collapsible to accommodate different sizes of openings and containers for both consumer drugs and wholesale pharmaceutical products.

The desiccant basket for pharmaceutical containers is available for licensing or contract manufacture. Please contact DeJonge Associates with any inquiries.

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