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Double Safe: Extra Protection Child-Resistant Closure

Some products are extremely toxic. Other products may be very attractive to children. In these cases a standard Child Resistant (CR) closure may not be sufficient. This is why we created Double Safe*.

Double Safe provides the extra protection required for products such as very toxic drugs, garden and insecticide products, liquid pain relievers, cough and cold liquids, and other liquid or solid products.

Double Safe utilizes a standard CR Closure with a small protrusion on the top of the outer cap. The consumer opens it the standard way (either push and turn, squeeze and turn, etc.) to remove the CR cap. However, when this cap is removed the product still cannot be accessed. Next, the cap must be inverted, and a protrusion on top of the cap must be pushed and snapped into a hole. Then the cap is pulled up and out of the hole, opening the valve. This creates a pathway for the product (either liquid or solid) to exit the container. These two (double) CR tasks are un-intuitive and require time and hand strength to accomplish, making it unlikely a child can access the product.

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Step 1

CR double safe pkg step 1

Step 2

CR double safe pkg step 1

Step 3

CR double safe pkg step 1

Step 4

CR double safe pkg step 1

Step 5

CR double safe pkg step 1

Step 6

CR double safe pkg step 1

Step 7

CR double safe pkg step 1


Please contact DeJonge Associates for additional information.

* Patent Pending

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